Sponsors Needed! Sign up for Oilfield Tailgate!

Only $2500 to sponsor each year - Can split up payments!

Pay here or write check to OILFIELD TAILGATE

Call Matt Hill with questions




Sponsors send your logo to

Send your oil and gas industry friends to sign up to sponsor and attend.

Let's support each other and our industry.


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We provide food, drinks, and live music to the oilfield every home game in Norman at Othellos.


LINK: Oklahoma Oil & Gas Industry Calendar

We hope we have added all of our local oil and gas industry advocacy and education groups and chapter links to the - if we missed any please let us know so we can get them in to the calendar or change the info for you.


We host Tailgate party in Norman for each home game. Have for years. The cost for the sponsors is one time $2500 that let's them put their logo on the web page and all the social media and at the end credits of the podcast videos I've been doing for #fossilfuelfridays along with also asking each sponsor if they would please be on the show.  


The party each game has around 300 to 500 visitors come through. We try to make it oilfield related guests and their family. We serve guests food, drinks, and local live music. I tell sponsors to use the opportunity to make sure to reach out to every potential and current customer to let them know you are inviting them to your party. They see you and your logo as often as you like that way. Invite them over and over by phone, email, and social media.


Make sure you get your bang for your buck on your own advertising methods. I have seen people make invites and take them to offices and meetings to their customers. If you are a sponsor and attend the parties try to bring a banner or a flag or even go big with logo swag or door prizes. There is no limit to how I have seen the possibilities of these 6 home game parties grow your network if they try a little bit. It's worth a lot more but I want as many sponsors as possible so they also bring in their people we need to meet too. Even if you don't ever invite anyone, there is a lot of other people bringing customers too.

Lastly I give the list of those that sign up on the web site to RSVP all the contacts so sponsors get all that. It's a big deal that I find is the most successful way I have spent my marketing budget. You can split up payments or pay over time. Othello's caters all the food and drinks so we just hang out with our guests.